In a groundbreaking venture with Nooshie, we introduced a revolution in the digital pet world—a digital dog runway showcasing their top picks and best sellers. This unprecedented event offers online shoppers a novel and engaging way to explore and shop for pet products.

Our team crafted the main animation, bringing the runway to life with style and flair. Beyond the main event, we complemented the experience with supporting ads and cutting-edge AR promotions, creating a cohesive and immersive shopping journey for pet enthusiasts.

This unique digital runway not only highlights Nooshie's top-quality products but also sets a new standard for interactive online shopping experiences in the pet industry. By combining creativity with technology, we've elevated the pet retail landscape and provided a fresh, engaging perspective for Nooshie's online shoppers.

Video 1: Nooshie runway teaser
Video 2: Nooshie runway 

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